Let me take you behind the scenes of my 1:1 online program Re:Desire. 


Below You will get the chance to experience one of the key parts of the program: my feedback sessions on submitted exercises. 

What are feedback sessions?

They are 9 months of weekly personalized feedback on your submitted worksheets and exercises -- so you know you’re on the right track to increased desire & intimacy. 

This is where the magic between the curriculum and the 1:1 support really happens! My detailed feedback videos often include questions to explore, pointers on how to move forward, and general guidance.
I’ve been told my feedback is spot on and that I get my clients in an instant.


“Your video was so comforting”

“Thank you so much! You are so kind and supportive. I love hearing the voxer notes and exercise feedbacks”.

"You are amazing. Every time I listen to your coaching I feel so good. I do love how you show me the different angles to look at the situation, it is always an eye-opener for me. I am so glad, I am part of the Re:Desire Program. 

By watching the feedback videos you will:

  • Get a feel for my coaching style 

  • Gain important insights into what you can expect from the program and from me

  • Be privy to questions asked that you likely will be able to apply to your own situation

Check out the feedback videos below

full Feedback session 1 

Partial feedback session 2

Want to download your own copy of the worksheet?

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👉 Step 2: Fill out your worksheet (further instructions below if needed). It's easier to fill out on a desktop device than a mobile one.

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