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No more stress & pressure. 
Get your sex drive back & put your relationship on track.

Sound Familiar?

The only time you feel like having sex is at the beginning of a relationship. 

You’re never really present during sex and spend your time worrying instead.

Sex feels more like a duty to you than something you desire.

Every time your partner touches you, you hope it won’t lead to sex.

You’re too tired or stressed for sex – there’s no passion or excitement anymore. 

You have diminished or low sex drive and you don’t understand why. 

If the above sounds like you — 
know you’re in the right place!

You’re not alone and it won’t always be like this.

You’ve tried everything – sexy lingerie, romantic dinners, natural remedies and expensive massage oils – all in the hopes of getting turned on and ready – but nothing works.

You love your partner more than anything and want to feel that desire again – but you’d rather watch Netflix than have sex -- it’s like you could go the rest of your life without sex.  

You wish there was something that could help you understand why you used to desire sex and now don’t and what you can do to get your sex drive back.

  Imagine how good it will feel — when you really feel like having sex.

Sex with your partner feels exciting and intimate. You prioritize and want sex - and it’s enjoyable. It’s a source of happiness, intimacy & love.

You don’t worry anymore about when you last had sex or worry during sex. Sex is a part of your life and you’re there in the moment whenever you have it.

No more anxiety or shame about sex. You understand your sex drive and know how to get it going. Sex gives you pleasure and peace - the way it should be.


"Leigh has helped my partner and I work with a sex drive issue that had been going on for several years. She encouraged us to think outside of the box with discussions and exercises that we would not have thought of ourselves. It was a smooth process which allowed us to pinpoint the root of the problem. I would definitely recommend Leigh to anyone with similar issues, she is a great listener and very easy to talk to."

- “Lisa” 35’’

"It feels like we’ve become so much closer now. I never used to feel up to it, or want to have sex. Now it’s an activity we jump on after putting the kids to bed. And physical intimacy with hubby just feels nice and like something I want (not pressuring like it did before, because I “didn’t want to encourage” sex as I wasn’t in the mood for sex at all). And I suppose my husband’s always been nice-looking, but now when I look at him I think he’s super hot and as sexy as anything!"

- “Hannah & Christian” 31-35

You’re ready to reboot your relationship and your sex drive.


“Is it even possible to get my sex drive back? I’m afraid I’m broken somehow.”

“Sex just stresses me out and gives me anxiety … how can I get out of my head?“

“Why did I enjoy sex in the beginning… and now I never want it anymore?”


It’s possible to get it back.   

It can, however, be difficult if you don’t have access to the right knowledge, support and tools.  
Sex ed in school didn’t exactly focus on sexual pleasure and desire. 
But I know all about it -- and I want to share it with you!


I can help you desire sex again.

For years I’ve helped people just like you - people who want to feel more desire, enjoy sex, and have a more intimate relationship. 

I’m a social worker, trained therapist and clinical sexologist with a Master of Science in Sexology. 

When I started my private practice, it wasn’t long before I had a year’s long waiting list. There and then I realised I could help more people by sharing my knowledge and powerful tool in a digital format. 

This is when I came up with my 9-month program Re:Desire -- and I’m beyond excited to share it with you! With Re:Desire you don’t have to wait for help – you can get it right now, directly on your mobile device, tablet or computer.

With my unique combination of sexological science, psychotherapeutic tools and coaching methods, I help people remove all the pressure and stress surrounding sex -- as well as increase their desire.


“This course is solid and I highly recommend it! It taught me to accept my sex drive, which helped me adjust my expectations of how sex “must” be and put less pressure on myself. I’ve stopped avoiding sex, and now experience more intimacy and have a greater sex drive on my own and with my partner. Talking about sex more - not just having sex - has lead to increased sex drive and understanding, and less stress.”

- “Charlotte & David” 41-47

“I just wanted to say that what you do, and your program, really helps. Thank you so much! Things have gotten so much better, and we have probably never been as close as we are now, both physically and mentally.”

- “Elisabeth” 51-55

"If I had known that this type of course was available online, I would have done this many years ago! Every hour I spent working through the program was worth every penny. I have recommended it to all of my best friends; I tell them how good it is, how great the structure is, and how fantastic the strategies are."

- “Harry”, 46

"Your course has been revolutionary! The last five years have been lined by private CBT therapists, dynamic psychotherapy, psychologists, a sex therapist, almost all natural remedies you can think of, and antidepressants… but your course is what’s really made a difference. Now positive changes have really started happening, absolutely wonderful to be able to experience sex as intensely and beautifully as before. You’ve given me my life back, hugs."

- “Kristina” 41-45

Ready to Feel Great About Sex?

Then you’re ready for re:desire

Re:Desire is 9-month online program for people of all genders with low sex drive. 
It helps you get your sex drive back and your relationship on track. 

The program provides you with the tools and support needed -- all based on sexological science. 

 It helps you reduce pressure & stress surrounding sex, and increase desire -- for a sex life and relationship you deserve. 



It Changes Your Relationship With Sex For Life.

What You Get When You Join

Private Teaching Portal With Pre-Recorded Curriculum

Video & audio lessons & lots of actionable tools and exercises (no-fluff guaranteed) all about how sex drive really works, how to deal with anxiety and stress surrounding sex, how to increase intimacy in your relationship and how to get your sex drive back. All based on sexological science and my extensive experience as a sex therapist and coach.

Re:Desire also contains bonus couples exercises to help you get closer to your partner, reduce conflict surrounding sex, talk about sex, and increase intimacy and desire. 

Personal & Confidential Feedback On Worksheets & Excercises

9 months of bi-weekly personalized feedback on worksheets and exercises from a coach -- so you know you’re on the right track to increased desire & intimacy. This is where the magic between the curriculum and the 1:1 support really happens!

Submit your worksheets via a private form for support and guidance on your progress in Re:Desire and what your next steps should be. 

Voxer Hours: 1:1 Coaching via Text & Audio 

Bi-weekly 1:1 Coaching for 9 months, with team Leigh Norén. Voxer Hours are specifically designed to coach you through obstacles and increase desire. Like having a personal coach in your backpocket, guiding you each step of the way.

Submit your questions and queries via Voxer and receive answers and coaching whether you can attend live or not! Voxer Hours are available at set times bi-weekly.

Pre-recorded Group Q&A Sessions

Monthly group Q&A sessions for 9 months, with Leigh Norén and the team (with the option to have your name anonymized). These Q&A sessions are a great way to learn from others going through the same things as you. Hear what's working for them, what their challenges are, and get answers to all your burning questions, too.

Questions are pre-submitted and the Q&A sessions are delivered as a recorded video. This means there's no need to turn up live or be nervous about talking to others about such private matters! Enjoy a time-stamped video to head directly to the answer to your specific questions - or watch the whole video to learn from others in the program.

You don't need a self-study course. 

You need the whole solution

The         Phases of Re:Desire



Laying the Groundwork For 
More Desire & Intimacy

This first phase is all about learning how sex drive works. With quizzes, worksheets and guided exercises, we map it all out so you understand what’s going on -- because you can’t get your desire back if you don’t know why it’s gone in the first place.

While laying the groundwork for increased desire you also get instant access to a quick daily exercise to boost your relationship throughout the duration of the program. The first phase ends with you choosing a personal path forward: tailored to your specific needs and difficulties. 


Removing Sexual Obstacles 

Phase 2 is all about working with expectations surrounding sex, reducing sexual stress and learning how to be present in the moment. You’ll work with thought patterns and feelings connected to sex and your relationship to really banish any and all obstacles that are standing in the way of your desire. The powerful exercises in this phase will help you feel better about yourself, sex and your relationship – helping you create an environment in which your desire can come flowing back to you.


Exploring Your Sexuality

Phase 3 is the fun part – it’s where you explore your sexuality and body and work out what turns you on and how to create the sex life you want -- and deserve. You’ll be figuring out which senses are the most important for your desire, what kind of touch you enjoy, what kinds of scenarios and ideas get you going, and what you find sexy and attractive about your partner.
It’s truly a transformational phase where you get in touch with what sex means to you and what you like sexually – in a safe space. So you and your partner can connect on a sexual level again and feel close. 


Creating A Desire & 
Intimacy Action Plan

When you’ve tried a whole host of exercises in order to remove obstacles and explore your sexuality -- it’s time to piece it all together. This is where we get really specific on what’s needed moving forward: you create goals for your sex life and relationship, and create an action plan designed to increase desire & intimacy, while reducing pressure. A plan that's completely tailored to your own specific needs.

This is one of the most impactful and invaluable  parts of the curriculum -- it really is a game changer in order for you to get your desire back and experience sexual intimacy. 


Maintaining Desire & Intimacy

In this final phase you’ll be focusing on how to make things even better, troubleshooting problems through Voxer Hours and creating a maintenance plan for the future. And this is part of what makes Re:Desire so unique – because we focus on both getting your sex drive back and maintaining a great sex life and relationship. This way you’ll always know what to do in the future if you need to switch things up again.

"This course has helped us start talking about sex in an undramatic way after 20 years together."

- “Nathan” 51

"The course has helped me communicate more about sex, which in turn has increased my desire - as well as accepting and understanding how desire itself works. Understanding the underlying emotions and putting them into words has opened up the possibility of desire."

- “Michael & lInda” 42-45

"This course has not only increased my sex drive with my partner, but it’s also helped increase my self-awareness on many different levels - a very unexpected but positive side effect!"

- “Vera”, 53

This program was such a HUGE help! I practice the strategies and exercises every day, which helps me slowly get out of my own head and more into my body. I can orgasm again when masturbating! For the first time in 53 years I have also learned to take note of what I am actually feeling, which means that I no longer experience anxiety for hours and hours.

- “Peter” 36-40

How Do I Know if 
Re:Desire is Right for Me?

Re:Desire is the perfect fit for you if:

Re:Desire is not a great fit for you if:

You want to understand what’s going on with your sex drive or what turns you on

This program isn’t just about momentarily increasing desire, it’s about understanding your sexuality and sex drive so you can use the tools in the program the rest of your life! With tools, exercises and support, you’ll figure out why you have low sex drive and work out what good sex means to you. By the end of the program you’ll know what you like sexually and you’ll be able to communicate it to your partner too!

You really want to desire sex again

Maybe you haven’t had sex in a really long time -- or just haven’t been feeling it lately while having sex. Wherever you’re coming from, your goal is wanting to get your sex drive back. Sex feels like something you want to prioritize (even if you haven’t for a long time and, to be honest, sometimes feel like you could go without it for the rest of your life). But you’re ready to experience that closeness and intimacy again. You want your partner to feel loved and attractive, and you really want to feel good about sex. You’re done with avoiding intimacy and sex and you’re ready to work on it!

You’re committed to doing the work

Re:Desire gives you all the tools, coaching and support you need, but the only person who can do the work -- is you (with a little help from your partner, of course). By joining the program you’re committed to putting in the time and energy required of you to not only understand your sex drive and increase it -- but to also learn how to create and maintain a sex life and relationship you love and deserve. Just like other things in life that are important to you; you’ll prioritise the program and the life-changing work inside of it.

You’ve felt desire in the past (even if it was aaages ago)

Re:Desire works best if you’ve previously experienced desire. Maybe you remember a particular time when you were younger, or perhaps your partner sent you swooning in the beginning phases of your relationship. This doesn’t mean you have to have experienced mind-blowing sex or ever have felt particularly comfortable about sex -- just that you’ve experienced desire at some point in your life.

You’re pursuing other relationships outside of your relationship or marriage

This program is designed for those who are experiencing low libido but who want to work on it and are committed to staying in their relationship or marriage for the time being.

You’re single or you’re in a polyamorous relationship

Re:Desire has been designed for people in monogamous relationships or marriages. This means exercises, coaching and feedback all emanates from this standpoint.

You have ongoing mental health struggles or other illnesses that make everyday life exceedingly difficult - not just your sex life

Re:Desire works with your desire from a holistic point of view. This means you work on a deep level and address things like: emotions, thought patterns and your relationship. In order to get the most out of Re:Desire it’s important any health struggles you may be experiencing are being treated or have been treated in the past. Re:Desire does not provide treatment for any mental health struggles as it is a coaching program -- not therapy.

You and your partner resent one another or argue about everything

While Re:Desire helps you with struggles and challenges in your relationship/marriage, it’s important you and your partner feel amicable towards one another. This isn’t couples therapy, which is why it’s important you have conflict resolution skills or seek help for this elsewhere. Your relationship by no means has to be “perfect”, but you’ll need a solid foundation to build from.

Have PTSD or symptoms of PTSD due to sexual assault

If you’ve previously been subjected to sexual assault and experience triggers surrounding sex, it’s important to seek help before joining Re:Desire. While we do touch on sexual assault in the program, Re:Desire is not therapy, which means the work needed to process previous experiences cannot be dealt with within the program. Any lingering triggers or PTSD from sexual assault need treatment from a mental health professional first.

If You’re Worried…

you’re too busy

I’ve helped clients from all walks of life, from parents juggling newborns and toddlers, to ambitious entrepreneurs and people with busy social lives and time-consuming hobbies. If they can all do it - so can you. With pre-recorded curriculum, and accessible coaching and support elements,  you don’t need to squeeze any live calls or lessons into your day -- you can view them when you have the time to. 


Aging can cause a dip in desire, but it’s possible to increase your desire, even if you’re say, in menopause or have reached the age of retirement. I’ve helped lots of people within a broad age range, from 19-75+ -- so don’t buy into being too old -- because you’re not. As long as you’re willing to put in the energy and effort, more desire and intimacy is truly possible for you. 

you’ve been together for too long

Most people I’ve helped throughout the years are in serious, long-term, committed relationships. Some of these relationships and marriages have spanned as long as 30+ years -- so no, you definitely haven’t been together too long for the program to work. All strategies have been tried and tested before, and my work is based on sexological science and experience. As long as you trust the process -- even the longest relationship can be brought to life again.

The Re:Desire Application Process

Fill out the application form below for Re:Desire (it's just 2 questions + your contact info).

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

If we believe Re:Desire is a good fit for you; watch the free, private training to learn about Re:Desire & Leigh's unique framework.

Have a chat with Leigh, via email or text, to discuss your questions about Re:Desire & decide whether or not to enroll.

Join Re:Desire and finally experience pleasurable sex, desire & intimacy with your partner, *without* pressure and stress.

Apply for Re:Desire Here

I’m so looking forward to reviewing your application 
for the 9-month coaching program, Re:Desire. 

Please know, you’re never under any obligation to join Re:Desire. Should your application be accepted and you receive an invite to the private training -- you can watch it entirely without joining Re:Desire. If you choose to join us it is subject to you paying the fee and accepting our terms & conditions. 

Re:Desire is the Whole Solution

It’s not just an online course, and it’s not just coaching.
It’s a powerful hybrid of the two.

With access to the all the knowledge and the best tools provided by the curriculum -- and professional coaching and personalized, confidential feedback on exercises for 9 months —

Re:Desire is the best way to:

Increase sex drive and intimacy 

Reduce pressure & stress surrounding sex

Create the sex life and relationship you deserve

Feel good about yourself and your sex drive

"After several years of having problems and a total loss sex drive, I found Leigh and no longer felt alone. She mixes theoretical knowledge of the body and mind with goal-oriented exercises in a great way, which helped me have faith. The sessions helped me get to know my body, how it reacts, and to not feel hopeless, that my sex drive is actually there. Above all, she helped me become friends with my body again!" 

- “James”, 51-55

Your course saved our marriage. My wife and I had a marriage where she lost all interest in sex and intimacy and only saw sex as something that gives a quick oxytocin boost. No foreplay, no exploration of pleasure, no "pillow talk". There has been a metamorphosis! She now prioritizes her own pleasure and we're developing intimacy and desire together.

- “Billie", 30

"This course gives you a chance to question and think about so many aspects of yourself - you gain a whole new understanding of both yourself and your partner! I'm really pleased with it! So far, the touch exercise is a big favorite! We get excited about it each time :) Through the course and getting to know your own and your partner's desire, you're given the opportunity to breathe life into your relationship."

- “Rebecka”, 31-35

"I learned to communicate about sex with my partner, learned how my sex drive works, and got practical tools for working on it. I also learned what turns me on. I went from feeling that there was something wrong with me to understanding that my sex drive is normal and everyone is different. The course also helped my boyfriend understand that there was nothing wrong with wanting sex more than me! I would definitely recommend it!"

- “Louisa & Agnes", 31-35

You Get to Decide:

You can continue doing what you’ve done before – and hope your sex drive comes back on its own. It's definitely an option, but it's one that leaves you powerless.

Or you take 9 months of your life and really learn how sex drives works – so sex feels pleasurable, fun and intimate, instead of the stress-inducing duty it’s turned into. 

"An excellent course to increase intimacy and closeness in the relationship."

- “Johanna”, 26-30

"I have learned to understand and accept that my low sex drive is not a sign that I should end things with my partner, but that it's something natural that I can work with on my own. I challenged myself to be more present during sex and have now regained my sex drive!"

- “Mike", 44

You May Be Wondering


Getting your desire back isn’t like pushing a button -- it’s comprehensive work but it’s work that is well worth it. The program has been designed to help you understand your sex drive, increase it and then maintain it. This is why it’s not a quick program, because it's not a band-aid solution. It's the whole, holistic solution and approach. 9 months is needed to lay the groundwork for a great sex life and relationship -- not just for an initial increase of desire!


Nope! The monthly Q&A sessions are a great way to learn from others, be motivated by their progress, and to normalise your feelings and challenges. But because the Q&A sessions aren't live, you won't have to talk about your private feelings and thoughts on the call. You'll submit a question or concern ahead of time, and have it addressed by me. I won't mention your name on the call, so it's very anonymous. And the Q&A sessions are only 1 of 3 ways of getting support and coaching.


Re:Desire is a program for people with low desire, meaning all the support features are exclusively for the partner with low desire. However, the program has been designed with the intent that you’ll be including your partner in various exercises in the curriculum. Whether you do this right from the beginning, or a few weeks or months into the program is, of course, completely up to you. 


No. Most of the exercises and tools you’re given are done using worksheets to help you reflect on sexual obstacles and negative thought patterns -- as well as turn-ons and things you enjoy about sex. Couples exercises often center around talking about sex, emotions and intimacy. There are a few exercises that are about touch and desire but the exercises are never designed to “make” you have sex. Re:Desire is all about reducing the pressure a lot of people feel to have sex -- not adding to it!


Don’t just trust me — trust my clients. 



Leigh has the ability to lead you down a path you knew existed, but couldn’t find on your own. Our sessions together have made me feel strengthened, and I’ve been given tools that I use daily to help further cultivate security within myself and my sexuality

- Solange

"Leigh has helped my partner and I work with a sex drive issue that had been going on for several years. She encouraged us to think outside of the box with discussions and exercises that we would not have thought of ourselves. It was a smooth process which allowed us to pinpoint the root of the problem. I would definitely recommend Leigh to anyone with similar issues, she is a great listener and very easy to talk to."


"Meeting Leigh was extremely insightful. We often repress and keep disorders related to sex and sexuality to ourselves - or even deny them. Leigh helped me face my fears and put them into words. Leigh also helped me fully develop thoughts I hadn't dared to deal with for a long time, so that I could communicate them sensibly for myself and my partner. Additionally, it was educational for both me, my partner, and my friends! :)"

“ELLEN”, 28