The Sex Fresh Start

Discover how to want to want sex again by working with your mind, in this to-the-point, audio starter course

You're too damn tired for sex and not at all in the mood...

Feeling like your partner's caresses make you feel loved, instead of stressed out

Even feeling giddy with hope thinking about the possibility of desiring sex soon again... 

Looking at your partner and being hit by a jolt of appreciation instead of annoyance.

That’s all totally possible for you. And how do I know? 

Because those are real-life results my clients experience once they’ve cracked the code on how to want to want sex.

But imagine...

- “Cheyenne”, 40

"Sex used to be stressful and felt obligatory. This is a good starter program to begin shifting sex beliefs!

I like the step-by-step step guidance on how to think in ways that make sex more enjoyable. It also gave me a clear framework on how to talk to my husband about what is holding me back.

He is now more understanding about my point of view and our sex is more relaxed and fun!

"Our sex is more relaxed and fun!"

Why should I bother with wanting to want sex?

And when you want to want sex, your efforts to increase desire are much likelier to work - because you want them to work (forget having sex to just get it over with!)

Because desire is complicated.

It’s not a button you press - it’s a feeling that depends on your other feelings.

Once you want to want sex…

Your partner’s kisses and caresses feel more like an invitation than a demand - because you’re open to the idea of possibly wanting sex

This breeds less resentment which makes you want to share more intimate, slow hugs -- and thus, non-sexual intimacy abounds

Wanting to want sex is especially important if you've had low desire for a long time.

Because it will help you approach sex from a place of willingness - not duty.

And this is how we take the first step towards long-lasting, healthy change.

Yes I want this for $97 $47!

And you can take that first step...
with The Sex Fresh Start

An in-depth, to-the-point, Starter course,
covering everything you need to know to want to want sex again.

It uncovers the hidden, less talked about step before getting your sex drive back: creating a desire for change.

In The Sex Fresh Start you’ll learn how to feel more curious about sex and more open to the possibility of it.

...and finally feel like you just might just want to want to rip their clothes off sometime soon in the future!

I want this!

So you can stop feeling like your partner is the most annoying thing on the planet when they go in for a kiss...

What you get in The Sex Fresh Start

Why you have to help yourself want to want sex before you can actually want sex (and no, it’s not just me being unnecessarily wordy, it’s a real thing!)

How our mind works and what that means for your sex life and desire

How our thoughts and beliefs affect the way we feel about sex

What's needed in order to change deep-seated beliefs 

The foundations of how desire in long relationships actually works

The top 4 things you usually believe when you don’t want to want sex (and what’s actually true)

The top perspective shifts you need in order to want to want sex again (and how to create these perspective shifts so you can finally feel like you might just want to want sex with your partner again)

In-Depth Audio Training

Unpack what's going on underneath the surface in order to understand why you don't want sex anymore

Questions based on my years of experience as a sex therapist and coach specialized in low desire that help you pinpoint common deep-seated beliefs that can be shifted in order to experience true, long-lasting change

Several questions focused on the practical, tangible changes that can be made in order to get to a place where you desire to desire sex

Carefully Tailored 8-Page Workbook to Pin-Point What's Going On Underneath

How can I find more pleasure in giving my partner pleasure?

How can I tackle the "uphill battle" to get in the mood for sex?

I used to be more sexual, but now sex is so boring. How can I feel more excited about sex and bring it up with my partner so I don't hurt them?

What do I do when my desire is lost because of actions from my spouse, but they are upset and feel rejected about it when I bring it up?

I have physical ailments that make some sexual acts difficult for me. How can I deal with this?

My partner gets turned on much faster than me, which makes me back away altogether. What can I do?

How can I feel desire when I get turned off by stressful thoughts as soon as my partner touches me?

60-Minute Bonus Q&A Recording

Everyone learns in different ways and to make it super simple to get the most out of this private podcast training, you'll be receiving the full transcript along with the audio training.

This way you can easily refresh yourself on your biggest a-ha moments and key takeaways. Or you can read the transcript if listening to a podcast isn't your thing!

The Full Transcript

"The workbook questions are to the point and have problem/solution-based questions. They can help find answers to the main points of wanting sex and what has changed"

- “Michelle", 56

"Gives me hope to learn I'm not broken and can learn to reignite my sexual self! I thought I had died sexually."

- “Rachel” 29

"The workbook questions are to the point and have problem/solution-based questions that can help find answers"

"Gives me hope to learn I'm not broken and can learn to reignite my sexual self!"

Yes I want this for $97 $47!

"When I bought The Sex Fresh Start I had no sex drive & felt anxious that my relationship would eventually end. It kick-started me into prioritizing sex a little. While not over-prioritizing so that it becomes too big. It helped me see my partner is showing love through sex, not just meeting his own physical needs."

- “Donna", 36

"The Sex Fresh Start podcast and workbook gave me some understandable ideas to ponder, thought-provoking questions to answer, and ideas for moving forward with my sex life. Definitely take it! The more educated and hopeful we can be around the area of sex, the better our lives will be."

- “Jenna", 33

"Kick-started me into prioritizing sex"

"Gave me ideas for moving forward with my sex life. Definitely take it!"

I’m Leigh, your trusted sex coach and therapist.

I can help you want sex again.

For 12 years (8 as a dedicated sex therapist) now, I've been helping people like you to flip the script that says no sex (or very little sex) means something is wrong with you and your relationship.

For 11 years (7 as a dedicated sex therapist) now, I've been helping people like you to flip the script that says no sex (or very little sex) means something is wrong with you and your relationship. 

I’m a social worker, trained therapist and clinical sexologist with a Master of Science in Sexology. 

My life's work is getting you out of your head and back in your body so you can enjoy sex, confidently connect to your sexuality, and relish melted marshmallow intimacy in your relationship again. 

But how do I know if The Sex Fresh Start is  right for me?

The Sex Fresh Start is perfect for you if...

On the other hand, you might want to skip this if…

Just the idea of sex with your partner feels stressful and pressuring 

Your partner has way more desire than you (sometimes it may even feel like it's the only thing they want!)

You want to ease back into an active sex life without pushing yourself out of your comfort zone too hard too fast 

You avoid sex and general physical intimacy for fear of your partner trying to initiate sex 

You want to get to a place where you feel even just the tiniest bit more positive about sex 

You know things need to change in order for you to desire sex again

You don’t want to want sex

You dislike everything about your partner and have fallen out of love with them

You’re not ready or willing to look at what’s going on underneath the surface

Frequently Asked Questions

How is The Sex Fresh Start different from your program Re:Desire?

Re:Desire is a 9-month online program that helps you increase desire and intimacy without pressure and stress. It's a comprehensive, all-encompassing program for those who know they want to get their desire back.

The Sex Fresh Start is a starter program delivered as a private podcast. It's about helping you take what, for many of us, is the first step towards increased desire and a fulfilling sex life: wanting to want sex again.

Think of it as a first step on your journey towards an active sex life again.

The goal is to help you reduce resentment and pressure related to your partner and the idea of sex. And to help you open up to the idea of having and enjoying sex more.

It's therefore a good fit if you're curious about what it would be like to work with me on getting your sex drive back - without committing to the full program.

Or if you want to explore other ways of getting your sex drive back, but feel you need help with the first step: actually wanting to want it.

The Sex Fresh Start helps you get to a place where you want to work on your desire. Because if you haven't desired sex for a long time, chances are resentment and irritation have built a wall around your desire - making it impossible for you to access desire cause you'd prefer that wall to stay put.

What is your refund policy?

Because this is a digital product, and digital products cannot be returned, there is a strict no-refund policy.

How is the training delivered?

The training is delivered via a podcast app of your choice. Once you've purchased it, you'll receive one email with a link to subscribe to the podcast to listen to the audio training, and another email including links to your companion workbook and the full transcript document.

When does the training go live?

It's already live - simply purchase The Sex Fresh Start and you have immediate access.

What if I don't listen to podcasts?

This training is delivered via a podcast app and is exclusively audio in nature, so if that’s something you’re not comfortable with you’re very welcome to consume the training through reading material. This consists of the full transcript of the training + the full transcript of the Q&A training (and the 8-page workbook).

How long do I have access to The Sex Fresh Start?

You have lifetime access to the accompanying workbook and full transcript. You will have access to the podcast training for years (also known as lifetime access in internet world!)